Guide to California

If I could only pick one state to visit, I’d choose California over and over again. From beautiful sunny beaches to vast National Parks to stunning snowy mountains, California truly has it all. And truth be told, there really isn’t a bad time to visit! With mild weather year-round many people consider California the gem of the West Coast. It’s a place of its own.

I fell in love with the state during my junior year of college when I spent one glorious week visiting a friend who lived in the heart of Los Angeles. We did all the things— Ferris wheel ride on Santa Monica Pier, night out in West Hollywood, windows down car ride through the Malibu hills. I knew after that visit I was forever changed.

I’ve spent a summer living in Beverly Hills, a month in Pasadena, and countless trips exploring all the hidden gems of the state. Regardless of what your traveling preferences may be, there’s so much to see here.

Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco, get a taste of Tuscany in the hills of San Luis Obispo, surf the roaring swells of Laguna Beach, or visit the cliffs of San Diego for a life-changing sunset.

California is incredibly spread out, even in the city of Los Angeles. I highly suggest having a car when you’re out here to make the most of your time. Driving up Pacific Coast Highway for the first time is truly an out-of-body experience.

And yes, it’s true what they say, there’s traffic all over all the time.




my first trip to Malibu  cruising down the PCH top down blaring Miley Cyrus

laguna beach
san diego
san luis obispo
hermosa beach
big bear

beverly hills

laguna beach

san francisco

san luis obispo

hermosa beach

los angeles

san diego

big bear

What I Packed:

FUNKY STATEMENT PIECES- Anything goes here, especially in LA

TRUCKER HAT- Especially in the South Beach area, everyone will be wearing a hat.

CARGO PANTS- Easy to style and give you that “cool girl” effect.

KNIT SWEATER- San Fransisco specifically requires a sweater or two, regardless of when you’re visiting.

PLATFORM SNEAKERS- Adidas, platform Converse, and Vejas seem to be the most common.

You won't want to leave!

San Luis Obispo is truly a hidden gem



What to Expect


English. However, California is truly a melting pot of all different cultures so there is a wide variety of other lenguages spoken, the most popular being Spanish. 


There's never a bad time to visit California as they have some of the best weather year round. They experience a late summer with the warmest weather in late July-September. Temperatures stay relatively mild year round in most areas however the state is big enough that in just a few hours you can be in snowy mountains or hot desert! 


You can pay for everything with card here. Most places accept VISA, Discover, Mastercard and AMEX. ATMs are easily accesible.


US dollar

All Things California

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