Guide to Hawaii

I’d argue that traveling to Hawaii is like leaving the country. Not only because the islands are 2,400 miles off the coast of the United States, but because their beauty is unmatched. Even after several trips to the Caribbean I’m convinced there are no views quite like what you get in Hawaii!

The 8 major islands are all unique in their own ways, each offering something a little different. I’ve only been to Oahu so I can’t speak for the rest of the islands, but if they are anything like Oahu you’re sure to be mind-blown.

There’s truly not a bad time to visit Hawaii. With beautiful weather year-round, escaping to the tropics is always a treat. The cities are full of things you’d see on the mainland including designer stores. And yet they’re also full of things you can’t find elsewhere– gorgeous rocky beaches, huge mountain ranges, and the freshest fruit you’ve ever tasted.

You must make your way to the rainforest to see where many of America’s favorite movies were filmed and to Kuala Ranch for some horseback riding. See the Dole factory. So swimming with sharks. Go for a hike (or three) there are dozens for beginners and experts alike. Let loose and dance at a luau. Talk to the locals and immerse yourself in their culture.

Eat as much seafood as you can. And if you have time, get on a sunset booze cruise for an unforgettable night. Millions of people travel here every year for vacations, anniversaries, honeymoons, and more. One of the best parts about traveling here is getting to meet so many people from all these different walks of life, all equal parts joyous to be surrounded by Hawaii’s beauty.





Kayaking on a private island with my parents. So special!


What I Packed for Hawaii:

BIKINIS- Pack a few bikinis so you can enjoy some of the most beautiful water.

FLAT SHOES- Flip flips and flat sandals are all you’ll need here.

TOTE BAG- A canvas tote is a must for beach days.

ACTIVEWEAR- You’ll want to pack workout clothes and a pair of sneakers you can get dirty!

Still dreaming of this sunset booze cruise

Kualoa Ranch is an absolute must



What to Expect


Hawaii is the only US state with two official languages. English and Hawaiian (a Polynesian language)  are both spoken here.


Because of Hawaii’s proximity to the equator, the temperatures are mild year round which means there is truly not a bad time to visit! Summers are dry and winter is considered “wet season” as this is when most islands experience the most rain.


You can pay for everything with card here. Most places accept VISA, Discover, Mastercard and AMEX. ATMs are easily accessible.


US Dollar

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