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Ah, the birth place of Reggae! Legendary artist Bob Marley was born and raised in Jamaica, putting it on the map in the 70s. Located in the Caribbean Sea, it quickly became a popular vacation spot for tourists around the world.

I have to say, of all the Caribbean countries I’ve visited, Jamaica is by far my favorite. It’s rich with culture and the locals are the friendliest, truly appreciative of the tourists as that’s what their economy largely relies on.

The island is much bigger than other destinations and therefore there’s tons to do and see. It’s lush with mountains, rainforests, and stunning blue beaches. The water is calm and abundant, with many all-inclusive resorts lining the coast.

For travelers looking to relax resort side and sip on fruity rum drinks by the beach, Montego Bay is the place to stay. Ochos Rios is a few hours North and is ideal for adventure-seekers looking to participate in all the hikes and excursions.

Whether you’re snorkeling in Negril or ATV riding through the jungle, Jamaica is one of those places where you’ll want to leave the resort. Group tours are very popular and allow you to pack in the fun! Don’t forget to get a taste of the local cuisine—jerk, ackee, and plantains are all must try dishes.


montego bay



ziplining over crystal clear water. i’m afraid of heights but would go again in a heartbeat.

montego bay

What I Packed for Jamaica:

BIKINIS- You’re at the beach. Pack a few bikinis (or ten!)

LINEN PANTS- The perfect bathing suit cover up.

BREEZY DRESSES- Nothing better than a pretty sundress after a Long Beach day.

BUGSPRAY- The bugs are bad here and bug spray is hard to find!

the perfect mix of relaxation & adventure! perfect honeymoon spot

the locals here are amazing, so much fun to be around!



What to Expect


The official language of Jamaica is English. Locals have a Jamaican dialect that derives from West African influences.


With a rise in Travel Advisories, Jamaica often gets an unsafe rap. I personally never felt unsafe however I made sure to stay within my resort, only exploring outside excursions and areas with a company per the hotels recommendation! Be smart and stay alert.


Cards are widely accepted in Jamaica however it’s a good idea to have some cash on hand for tips, taxis, and small local purchases. ATMs are easy to access in the major cities and airports.


The currency in Jamaica is the Jamaican Dollar. Although American dollars are widely accepted, especially as tips.

All Things Jamaica

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