Weekly Wrap Up #52 (week in my life + ootw)

  1. Love your outfits so much girl ! The vineyard vines with the flannel underneath is literally so cute. Thanks for making my feed better ! ???

  2. All the pictures are looking so lovely because you seem so happy in them :-). I love your fashion style, you inspire me a bit with your ootd pictures! Seems like you had a lovely week and your birthday cake looks delicious! ♥

  3. sophiemaie says:

    Omg the photo from your 1 year blog anniversary is so pretty!! Can’t wait to read the full post ? as always all your outfits are fab and your week sounded so lovely xx

  4. Looking gorgeous as always! x

  5. Cute outfits, I love your style 🙂 🙂 That’s so sweet celebrating your blog’s 1 year birthday >^.^< Keep up the great work x x

  6. Mackenzie says:

    I am obsessed how you celebrated your one year blog anniversary! I’m totally stealing that idea next year if you don’t mind 😉 You are just darlin’, McKenz. Also- about the mis-numbering of the posts, I realized that I had my updates on my blog marked “2015” for the entire year of 2016 a few days ago. Hahah. I was so embarrassed, so hopefully that makes you feel better- I feel your pain! 😉 No one notices though (at least I’m telling myself that!) Have a great week, dear! Can’t wait to read alll about it.

    • McKenzMorgan says:

      Lol Mack I felt so embarrassed when I realized the numbering! Go for the outfit idea! I got everything except the shoes from Hunter&Honey. Feel free to check her out on Insta, she’s awesome!

  7. Happy almost 1 year Blogiversary!

  8. Oh my goodness you are the cutest thing ever!!! I’m obsessed with your posts ??

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