January 2018 Pinterest Outfit Recreations

  1. stashy says:

    The mini skirt with the oversized sweater and tall boots look so stylish yet comfy! Great job on all the recreations!

  2. Loved all these outfits but the second and third ones are definitely my fav! You did a great job in recreating all of these. <3

  3. kathylcsw says:

    I liked the jean skirt look the best but they were all great.

  4. Love, love, love all of these looks on you because you have legs for days. Those loafers are fantastic, and you’re killing it in that over-the-shoulder moment in the vest. Want!

  5. Carolyn says:

    such a cool series! I love the recreations!


  6. mariiacano says:

    You look gorgeous! And I am so jealous! I wish I had your style. I can spend hours on Pinterest looking for outfit inspo, but I’ve always found it so hard to actually put an outfit together. I also really really the outfit with the loafers and turtle neck.

    • Aw thanks so much girl. I def take a lot of photos I have saved from Instagram and pin them for even more inspo. It takes time and the right bloggers to find good looks. Hopefully you will get lucky soon and are able to come up with some awesome looks. Thanks for the love xx

  7. Love all of these! Those jeans are such a beautiful wash!!! And Pinterest has definitely made me obsessed with Guggi belts too! I wear jeans all the time and I feel like the belts just elevate a plain look to a stunning look! Please let me know if you find any affordable alternatives to the belt! I found knock-offs in Amazon, but feel wrong buying straight up fake ones if you know what I mean lol. xoxo

  8. trendylayers says:

    I lovelovelovee the skirt!😍😍 looks soo cuttee

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