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Florida isn’t called the Sunshine State for nothing! Millions of people escape to the tropics each year for a taste of paradise. A majority of the state is surrounded by water making it a popular destination for beach lovers and boaters.

While there is water nearly everywhere you go, each city has a vibe of its own. Charming European vibes in 30A, laid-back beach bars in Saint Petersburg, popping clubs in Miami, and chic twenty-something living in the heart of Tampa.

Perhaps you’re willing to drive the 113 miles down to the Florida Keys. There are 800 of them all separated by the bluest water you’ve ever seen. Home to music legend Jimmy Buffett, some of the best snorkeling in the world, and a huge strip of outdoor beach bars it’s one of those destinations I’d argue needs to be on your bucket list.

The West Coast of Florida offers some of the best sunsets and the finest sand you can find in the United States. And I can say that confidently after traveling to so many Caribbean destinations! I’ve done several extended stays in Saint Pete and keep coming back for more.

Because of Florida’s closeness to the equator, the summers here are brutal with intense humidity. Fall is hurricane season and unfortunately, much of the state is hit with bad tropical storms each year. The most popular (best) time of year to visit is January-April.



ST. petersburg

casey key

key west




I Airbnb’d in Saint Pete for 7 weeks and still think about it. Living on the beach was the happiest I’ve ever been.

st petersburg
casey key

What I Packed:

ALL THE BIKINIS: Whether it’s for a sunrise dip or a sunset walk… pack all the swimsuits you own!

CASUAL CLOTHES: The vibes here are super casual/very laid back. Leave your fancy dresses and heels at home

LOTS OF SPF: The sun is really strong here with the UV creeping up to 10 even in March.

RAINBOWS: My Rainbow flip-flops are hands down my most worn shoes when I’m in Florida

Living out my coconut girl dreams!

I love exploring all the small beach towns



What to Expect


English. However, in some of the South Beaches like Miami, there are large commmunities of Spanish speakers.


Florida is the Caribbean of the United States meaning the weather is beautiful and sunny all year round. Even in the winter temperatures linger in the seventies drawing in snowbirds from all over. Summers are hot and extremely humid with temperatures crawling into the hundreds. Best time to visit is March-May or September-November.


You can pay for everything with card here. Most places accept VISA, Discover, Mastercard and AMEX. ATMs are easily accessible.


US dollar

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