The End: Spring 10X10 Wardrobe Challenge Wrap Up

  1. I really loved this challenge girl. I think you did a great job with picking out these peaces and styling this peaces into great outfits! I especially love the last 4 outfits! I hope you enjoyed your challenge, we did (or at least I, haha) xo

  2. Such cute looks with only 10 pieces!! loved it

  3. fivezero says:

    This is great! I love all the outfits you put together, especially the ones with the pink tee. I think it looks fab on you!

    I have to do a similar thing with my wardrobe – gonna dump a lot of old stuff and bring in new, more versatile pieces.

  4. stashy says:

    What a fun challenge – you did so well! Each outfit looks distinct and were both dressy and casual.
    I think some of the adjustments you made (like for exam) are totally warranted!
    I’m similar to you – I like to rotate my clothes so I don’t wear something within 2 weeks. I don’t think anyone notices if my black pants are the same as the other black pants (I have a LOT of black pants 😛 )

    • Lol girl your black pants must be like me and my jeans! This challenge was certainly a challenge but I am so happy I went ahead and did it. Really did change my mindset a bit and I never had to worry about “not knowing what to wear”.

  5. Absolutely love this! You came up with such cute, unique outfits too! I might have to try this myself someday!

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  7. Kali Borovic says:

    This is so fun! You did so well with all of the outfits! xx.

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