’70s Inspired Lookbook / Outfit Ideas

  1. Your hair looks great, and I LOVE the last two outfits ❤

  2. love all these outfits! and i really like how you did you hair and makeup! well done girl, this was a fabulous post.

  3. peytynbrynn says:

    Girl! This is so good, I loved them all! You nailed the Farrah Fawcett hair too ?

  4. peytynbrynn says:

    Girl this is so good! You nailed the hair! ?

  5. I like how you styled both flared jeans. They look so cute on you. Really like the ideas of taking a decade and picking outfits that fit in that decade! You should do more of these xo

  6. xoJenny says:

    Oh my gosh you nailed this 70’s look book!!!! I’m in love with outfit 3 and 4. Girl only you can rock those bell bottoms in 2017!!! LA-LA-LAAAVE it <3

    • Aww thank you so so much Jenny! You are too sweet to me :)) I had the best time shooting this lookbook and creating these looks. makes me so happy to hear that you enjoyed it!!

  7. Natalie Vinh says:

    I love this! Honestly, I would wear all of these. And you really captured the hair and makeup!

  8. Love all of these outfits!

  9. Whoooaaaa, I love them all, but my fave is certainly the first one!


  10. Jo says:

    Your Grandmother’s dress is gorgeous, and you look lovely wearing it. I think retro fashions are fun and soo feminine.

  11. These looks are so cute, love this post <3

  12. ayrgalaxy says:

    Lots of good outfits with a modern twist 🙂

  13. Lola says:

    Omg these will help me so much. You are a GURL BOSS. Thanks x100. I have decades day at school tomorrow and I have to dress like the 70s but I wasn’t sure what to wear exactly. You just did me a big favor. You are amazing🤩❤

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